about me


Hello, my name is Gayatri Taley. A Gen Z, professional marketer, writer, bibliophile, cinephile are the words that introduces me in a nutshell. But cracking the nut open, you will find a ruminator deciphering the universal and timeless concept of love. 

Musings of Love is drawn from my eccentric understanding of the facets of love and marginalia made from literature, films, art, psychology and the observation of human behaviour and feelings. It is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual perspective on everything about love.

You will find a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, feelings or contradictions to them. You will get the perspectives, thoughts and life stories from around the world and different eras. You will discover not only romantic love but love that is ubiquitous in every sphere of human life.

So join me in this journey to unravel and understand love.