Perspective on Love

The different perspective on Love is drawn from my eccentric understanding of the facets of love and marginalia made from literature, films, art, psychology and the observation of human behaviour and feelings. It is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual perspective on everything about love.

You will find a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, feelings or contradictions to them. You will get the perspectives, thoughts and life stories from around the world and different eras. You will discover not only romantic love but love that is ubiquitous in every sphere of human life.

So join me in this journey to unravel and understand different perspective on love. 

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Perspectives of love by Gayatri Taley


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is my favorite film- an unusual choice. Still, it has been instrumental in my understanding of love. Karan Johar’s quintessential Bollywood ensemble was far from a quintessential love story. It is messy, debatable, and most of all, it is imperfect.


My heart was always battling an incessant storm of emotions…

Yearning for the crash against a homeland and solace

Numerous shores were drowned, no land could withstand its intensity

Until one day…

The storm turned peaceful,

Finding a home in the depths of your eyes

Getting drained in the abyss of your heart

Leaving my heart in a barren land…

Unknown and unwantedd

Difference of Perspective on Love

Magical, passionate, intense, caring, unconditional, unreasonable, destroyer are just a few facets of love. It is an oxymoron that is an innate and core feeling in every living creature. And from time immemorial it has been the topic of innumerable philosophies, theories, books, art, films. But the common thread between most works has been romantic love. A love between two human beings not related by blood but by souls. In “The Symposium”, Plato has said “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” Finding the soul mate completes you and makes your life full, you don’t yearn for any other paraphernalias of life.

While this sentiment makes all of us embrace the dream of finding ‘the one’, it also makes us forget the power of love that blooms for different aspects of our lives. Ancient Greek had 8 different perspectives for love. It defines love for family, friends, nature, community and self. 

And modern psychology also has 7 types and perspectives of love similar to the Greeks. Each type is unique yet one will find similar emotions and actions being performed across. Which brings us the answer to our question- Love is multi faced with different types.

Each post of my musings will be categorized under one type and unravel its layers.

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